Conference Topic Areas

The theme for the 2018 PHI Conference is Connecting Systems and People to Improve Population Health. To support this theme, the conference will feature sessions that explore the following topic areas:

Topic 1: Information Systems

  • Specific topics may include: highlights of technical aspects of information systems; IT infrastructure; interoperability (within and across agencies representing various sectors); health information exchange; data quality; and change management

Topic 2: Governance

  • Specific topics may include: strategy; law; policy; standards; data security; and privacy

Topic 3: Informatics Workforce and Leadership Development

  • Specific topics may include: teaching, training, and applying core skills in informatics; leadership; strategic thinking; communicating (informatics concepts and the value proposition); and engaging stakeholders

Topic 4: Innovations and Novel Applications

  • Specific topics may include: new and existing hardware (e.g., devices, diagnostics) and software (e.g. blockchain, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources [FHIR], geographic information system [GIS]) technologies; sources generating and using big data; leveraging open source software; health information exchange; applications to addressing problems affecting population health; clinical decision support; natural language processing; and making use of unstructured data

Topic 5: Informatics-Based Solutions to Improving Population Health

  • Specific topics may include: approaches to addressing problems affecting population health pertaining to a variety of topic areas (e.g., chronic diseases, communicable diseases, natural disasters, preparedness, opioids, immunization, health inequities); conducting and translating research; and accessing, analyzing, and visualizing data across different sectors

Topic 6: Laboratory Informatics

  • Specific topics may include: laboratory information systems, bioinformatics; advanced molecular detection; genomics