Attendee Demographics

In 2016, 96% of attendees visited the Exhibit Hall. Showcase your organization’s products and expertise in health information network technologies, services, and solutions to an expected 1,200 attendees, including:

  • IT-focused healthcare professionals
  • Public health programmatic professionals
  • Terrorism preparedness staff
  • Informatics researchers and academic leaders
  • Community organizations staff
  • Healthcare researchers
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PHIC National Reach


Testimonials from previous attendees

“This is an excellent forum for educating the practice community of the variety of [public health informatics] applications, tools, and tutorials and for practitioners in jurisdictions to meet others from around the country with whom they can collaborate and share tools and lessons learned.”

“Information is the life blood of public health practice. We translate important facts/data into information that promotes and protects health. The Public Health Informatics Conference gives voice to our collective information mission, provides vision, and teaches concepts that we must adopt to remain effective public health agencies.”

“I thought the content and networking opportunities were extremely valuable and together gave a vivid snapshot of where public health informatics stands as a field in 2016.”