Abstract Instructions

The abstract submission period CLOSED on March 5th.

NACCHO and CDC are pleased to invite abstracts for the 2018 Public Health Informatics Conference at the Hilton Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, August 20-23, 2018. Abstract submission is a competitive process that encourages both domestic and international (cross-sector and cross-jurisdictional) abstract submissions — including those that show linkage to global health initiatives and other sectors. All abstracts will be judged on their relevance to the conference theme, Connecting Systems and People to Improve Population Health, as well as to national/global health initiatives.

The Public Health Informatics Conference considers population health to broadly mean “the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group.” However, the conference also acknowledges that definitions of ‘population’ – and therefore ‘population health’ – vary by sectors and the collective individuals they serve. Recognizing that these sectors are critical components of the public health system, the conference welcomes engagement and perspectives from all sectors on how to collaboratively and comprehensively achieve better health outcomes for those whom they serve.

Abstract Criteria
Abstracts will also be assessed on the following criteria by a team of subject matter experts:

  • Originality: Does the abstract include new ideas or expand upon existing ideas?
  • Implementation Experience: How widespread is its use (number of users/implementations)?
  • Clarity of Writing: Are the proposed scope and purpose presented in an organized, well-written manner?
  • Quality: How accurate and complete is the abstract proposal?
  • Importance: Does the abstract explain the value to public health?
  • Overall: Rating based on reviewer’s general impression of proposal.

The abstract description must identify the importance of the materials being presented to the field of informatics and any practical applications. It must also be clearly written and describe how it is related to the conference theme. The shortened description will be used to promote sessions on the website/conference program and must accurately describe the intent of the session.

Conference Topic Areas
Abstracts may be submitted under one of the below conference topic areas. View the full descriptions to learn more about each topic area.

  • Topic 1: Information Systems
  • Topic 2: Governance
  • Topic 3: Informatics Workforce and Leadership Development
  • Topic 4: Innovations and Novel Applications
  • Topic 5: Informatics-Based Solutions to Improving Population Health
  • Topic 6: Laboratory Informatics

Session Types
Abstract submissions must identify which type of session would be best-suited for the presentation. Abstract authors will propose content to fill the entire duration of the workshop or session for which they submit. Abstract authors will also coordinate with any presenters they include to determine the structure and format within their workshop or session. Submitters can choose from the following sessions:

  1. Pre-Conference Workshop (4 or 8 hours)
  2. Sharing Session (60 or 90 minutes)
  3. Lightning Session (60 minutes)
  4. Poster Session (90 minutes)
  5. Post-Conference Workshop (3 hours)

Except for Lightning Sessions, NACCHO does not stipulate the length of individual presentationsTo help you decide which to select, learn more about each session type. Poster sessions will take place during the 90-minute lunch break on Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference. During this time, attendees will be able to view the posters and ask presenter questions. Presenters are expected to be at their posters but are not expected to actively present during the 90-minute period.

If you have any questions about the abstract submission process, please do not hesitate to contact Maeve Carey at 703-964-1240 or by e-mail at INFORMATICSspeakers@conferencemanagers.com